Scroggs & Grizzel History

       Danny Scroggs and Mike Grizzel formed Scroggs & Grizzel Contracting, Inc. in 1994 as a non-union company in Gainesville, Georgia.  Having both been in the construction business for over 30 years, Danny and Mike constructed numerous projects in this area.  The construction industry has changed over the years to either very large construction companies where their clients were just another project number or very small companies with a very limited construction capacity.  There were large construction companies that have the philosophy that they need to do all the work and on the other end of the spectrum you have small construction companies that can, for whatever reason, only do smaller projects.  Danny and Mike saw a need for a construction company that could provide personalized construction services to clients in the North Georgia area for projects of any size. Scroggs & Grizzel Contracting, Inc. is a Construction Manager and General Contractor that is large enough to perform projects in the 20 million dollar range and small enough to still provide the personal relationship between the contractor, architect and owner.  Our philosophy is to do all of our work in the best, most professional manner possible. We often assist clients with project information many years after we have finished a project. 

       Scroggs & Grizzel Contracting, Inc. personnel bring with them a wide variety of construction experiences. We have experience in all types of construction. Some examples of these are conventional construction with structural steel and masonry construction, cast in place concrete buildings, precast concrete buildings, tilt wall construction, wood framed construction, pre-engineered buildings and hybrid combinations of the above. We also have extensive renovation experience in all types of facilities. We are skilled in all types of roof systems and mechanical systems. We have constructed churches, schools, banks, country clubs, office buildings, retail centers, warehouses, and many facilities such as manufacturing, poultry cooler, medical office, assisted living, and recreational. We have proficient experience in college buildings including dormitories, classrooms, and student centers.  Many other projects have been successfully completed over the years among which are ball fields, aquatic centers, museums, walking trails, suspension bridges, community parks, and historical renovation.  Scroggs & Grizzel Contracting, Inc. is a Butler Pre-Engineered Buildings Dealer and we have extensive pre-engineered experience. Our history as a contractor in both new construction and renovations provides us with the ability to recognize areas for possible cost savings and value engineering, anticipate possible problems, coordinate strategies, and deliver a quality project to you.  Scroggs & Grizzel Contracting, Inc. has extensive experience in construction management and general contracting, meaning that we not only know how to manage your project but we also know how to build your project.                             

      Approximately 70% of the projects we do are negotiated with the owner and architect. On some of our projects we have been involved in the project before the architect. All of our larger projects have been negotiated and constructed using the project team concept. This concept works better for the owner, architect and construction manager/contractor. Construction has changed over the years. Construction times have been reduced and the amount of work and construction cost has increased. The team concept creates a better working relationship between the owner, architect and construction manager/contractor and works best when all parties are involved from the earliest possible time frame. It creates a better understanding between all parties regarding the final intent of the project. The team concept works especially well in fast track construction when everything is accelerated.  Therefore, understanding and involvement early on create an environment that makes the project progress with fewer problems.  

       We are a financially sound company, which means our credit rating is among the best. Subcontractors and suppliers are not worried about their money. We pay our invoices on time, all the time.  We keep our word. When we tell you we will do something, we do it.

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